RIT Baja SAE 2012 Recap

Hello All,

Here is recap of the 2012 race season results. We also wanted to introduce our 2012-2013 Executive Board and Design Team members. Hope you are enjoying your summer!

2012 Race Results

Auburn: 89 Teams Total
Overall 3rd
Endurance 7th
S&T 3rd
Hill Climb 8th
Acceleration 6th
Design 6th

Oregon: 66 Teams Total
Overall 3rd
Endurance 10th
Hill Climb 2nd
Rock Crawl 9th
Maneuverability 5th
Acceleration 3rd
Design 3rd

Wisconsin: 102 Teams Total
Overall 10th
Endurance 9th
Acceleration 9th
Design 7th

2012-2013 Executive Board

Team Manager: Tim Brogan
Project Manager: CJ Winegar
Treasurer: Steve Skurski
Secretary: Dan Palmiter

2012-2013 Design Board

Frame – David Donaldson
Suspension – Alex Bandowski
Driveline – Tyler Malay
Steering – Andrew Beckmann
Brakes – Dan Palmiter
Data Acquisition – Jason Brosler
Manual Manufacturing – Steve Skurski
Automated Manufacturing – Dan Tornow & CJ Winegar
Composites – Ryan Strand
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Alabama Race 2012

Hello everyone!

Great news, We won 3rd place overall, 3rd place in Suspension, and 5th place in design at the Alabama race!!! We couldn’t have done it without everyone’s support! Thank you all SO much for everything. Check out more of the photos from the race on our Facebook and check out the article we were featured in for RIT’s University News. More updates coming your way soon!

-Andrea, Media

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The Faces of RIT Baja

Hello Everyone,

Today I’m posting to show you all a recent project that I did. In one of my classes we were given a portrait assignment, so naturally I chose RIT Baja. So without further ado here some of the face of Baja. Also, just a quick update, all is well in the shop and as usual we’re hard at work as our first race in Alabama is three weeks away!

-Andrea, Media

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A big thanks to our Sponsors and Kaydon Bearing!

Thanks for the bearings, Kaydon Bearing!

Hey everyone,

We just wanted to shout out a big thanks to Kaydon Bearing for donating some bearings! Also, Thank you to all of our sponsors who have been there for us all along and those who joined us this year! Your support, help and donations are all greatly appreciated!


All of us at RIT Baja

-Andrea, Media


Another Hard Working Saturday

Hello All!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday season! Race season is on it’s way and we’ve all been hard at work in the shop making parts for the new car every chance we get. The frame order is in place and is expected back soon so we can begin welding the frame. We’re all looking forward to putting the pieces together to build our newest car. Today (almost like every Saturday) everyone’s hard at work, whether it’s on a computer designing or at the machines. We’ll keep you updated as our first race approaches!

Until next time,


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Happy Baja Thanksgiving!

Gobble Gobble!

Hello everyone and Happy Thanksgiving! Last night we all got to together and celebrated our yearly Baja Thanksgiving! We worked hard all day and brought tons of delicious food to share. Along with stuffing our faces we had a lot of laughs, a whipped cream pie to the face (mine), and many more memories made. This is the time of year to give thanks for all we have. I’m sure I speak for everyone on the team when I say that I am thankful for Baja. And on behalf of the team, we are thankful for all of you who support us! I hope you all have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

-Andrea, Media

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Fall 2011 Update!

Hello from the shop!

Just wanted to update everyone on how well things are going inside and outside of the shop! We have a great new group of hard working, enthusiastic members on the team and we’ve had a very busy and full schedule this quarter. The track was once again revamped by adding a new set of whoops, adjusting the track entrance and adding to the tire crawl as well. We had a great time on October 8th for our annual Sponsorship Day! Thank you to everyone who came, and thank you to those who sponsor and support us, everything you do for us is greatly appreciated. It was awesome to see the parents and companies that support us stop by and enjoy themselves! At the moment there’s a good-sized group hard at work on the machines. More can be found on our Facebook!

Thank you for your continued support everyone!

-Andrea, Media


New Member Day 2011

Greetings All!

We’re off to a great start this year! So far we had a good turn out for Club Day, and New Member Day. The weather was perfect, food was good and the cars were driving great for New Member Day. Our new shop Steve and his sons stopped by for a spin in the cars and had a blast! Also, all of the new members participated in a little hands on competition at the track where they raced against time, and than against us in a tire changing competition. We’re now entering week three of our academic year here at RIT and it is the first Saturday at the shop for the new members in the shop learning how to machine and getting involved. Below are some pictures from New Member Day, more can be found on our Facebook page!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! Check us out on Facebook too!

-Andrea, Media

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RIT Baja had a very fun and successful race season this year! At the race in Kansas we came out with a 9th place overall finish. And at the final race in Peoria, Illinois, we got a 1st place overall in design and a 8th place overall! Great job everyone. And thank you, of course, to our amazing sponsors for another fantastic year.

Pictures from the race in Kansas, can be found on our Facebook page.

Here are a select group of shots from Illinois. More can be found here. And even more photos by Ryan Hurley, here. Enjoy!

blowing up the balloon

Pits, flying the flags

"The Bowl", we could see most of the track from here!

Our car being lifted out of the rock crawl

All gridded for the endurance race

This will probably be the last post of the 2010-2011 season.

Thank you all and see you in the fall!

-Chrissy, Media

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Hello All!

The shop is feeling positive after our first race! Despite various problems with the car and some crazy weather, we walked away from the race in Alabama with a 3rd place in Design and an 8th place Overall! Go RIT!

The few things that needed fixed have been worked on in the past couple weeks and today we are out in the parking lot again testing the car. Things are going great, shop is getting cleaned, spares are being made.

Check out some pictures from the race, below. And more can be found on our Facebook page.

Design Judging

RIT #3

Getting some air on the practice track.

Waiting to get on the Suspension and Traction track for the 2nd run.

Late night float fixing.

Endurance Race

Enjoy! And be sure to check out our Facebook page.

-Chrissy, Media

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